Soap Factory

What do you do with used oil from your meals?

Did you know that 1 liter of oil contaminates 1000 liters of water?

Soap Factory is a sustainable low consumption appliance that converts used oil from meals into biodegradable soap.

Based on the artisanal process, which is traditional to the homemade lifelong traditional method of making soap, household electrical item has many advantages. It allows one to recycle oil without consuming any other recourse like electricity because it does not need to generate heat. It provides security to the user avoiding the contact of caustic soda with the skin and transforming the contaminant residue as oil into a useful product less polluting such as soap, which is biodegradable and the current detergents are not.  All of this at the same time allows people the possibility of caring for our environment in a practical manner and very simple, without this meaning a great effort or disorder in their day to day.

Convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is to add the ingredients and Soap Factory takes care of pouring the oil gradually as it stirs and mixes the soda and water. After 20 min. the mould is automatically filled and after 48 hours can be manually released without the need of blades.
Thanks to Soap Factory, not only do we achieve our aim of getting rid of the used oil in a quick and clean way but we also obtain a new product at the same time take care of the environment and saves money on cleaning products.

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